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Brown Recycling

Re-design and build

A particularly successful re-design project I have been involved with was Brown Recycling. When starting work on the site, I felt like there was a lot of room for improvement.

The annual summary after the new site went live showed the following statistics:

  • Conversions went up from an average of 25% to an average of 40%
  • Form submissions went from an average of 25 per month to 111 per month
  • Calls went up from an average of 1341 per month to 1434 per month despite the large increase in form submissions
  • There was a large increase in mobile rankings for the site

It was one of the company’s first responsive sites and I found a lot of bugs while looking through it, such as the navigation not working very well on mobile and tablet, the hero layout breaking on tablet and thought the hierarchy of elements could be better on a lot of pages.

The font sizes were also very small on the previous design which isn’t good for clarity and usability and the site needed a renovation and a more modern look as it was a few years old.

I suggested a re-design and code of the website mentioning all these points until this was put forward to the client who agreed. I created a wireframe of how I proposed to change the mobile site and refreshed the rest of the website while re-coding it. Soon after the new site went live, improvements in conversions were mentioned by the client, the account manager and Internet Marketing Consultant.